Poem ~ Your Scent

Chiquito dormilón, 
I see beauty as we fall asleep
not our bodies but 
words that confuse us;

I hear swift snoring as we lay 
by a bed space 
smaller than the time we have with each other; 

Chiquito dormilón,
I feel words as you touch me
making love 
on a bed that hides our secrets; 

I taste sweetness as we peck 
a see you later
the taste of sweet danger. 

Chiquito dormilón, 
I smell your scent on me
after I leave you, 
reminding me of your slyness,
and like perfume
slowly our memories decimate, 
making it only an adventure 
and not an everyday reality. 

m. raquel medina

Some loves aren’t permanent. Although we wish it to be. How many loves have come into your life without a warning and left the same way? Has that love engraved itself in your mind? Heart? We feel pain and some might say an emptiness when they are no longer there. Our routine or what others might call our love. But know that we can overcome that loneliness and adjust to knowing that there will be someone that will be with you when you lay down to sleep all the way to eating breakfast with you the next morning – becoming an everyday reality.

Photo by Stefano Intintoli on Unsplash

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